The NLRB’s Union Movement on the American Workforce

The NLRB’s Union Movement on the American Workforce

Just recently, President Obama has stated that more employees in America will have access to unions that will raise their wages. Of course this has caught many people’s attention, as workers and their wages are involved. This has many people thinking about the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) and what they have planned for the future for middle class Americans.


Workers Union

The Philosophy

For many years, the National Labor Relations Board has always followed the president’s philosophy by constantly striving to revise and go over their decisions when it comes to certain situations. The NLRB has always seen the impediments in today’s American workforce, which is why they are striving to go under Obama’s philosophy of equality and give each American his or her right amount of wages for their work.

First Few Decisions and Steps

The first step the NLRB took was determining a case that involved different industries about their employees and making subcontractors apart of those employees. The main reason the National Labor Relations Board did this was to revitalize the union movement, which they realized to be failing and not providing much progress to America and its workers.

More Decisions and Steps Afterwards

More and more, everyday, the NLRB was beginning to make better decisions. For example, after the situation stated above, the board decided to start allowing micro-units for collective bargaining. This opens the door for different unions to be able to pick large groups consisting of employees from different organizations. After this decision was settled, the board created new board rules, which will mandate rapid elections and sadly, cause the employers to have almost no time to make an actual response to organize a union.


National Labor Relations Board

Benefits of the Board and Effect on America

Many Americans have been closely watching the National Labor Relations Board and their actions and decisions. Most workers are very interested to see how the board will make things better for them at work and how their wages will improve. The board has provided several benefits to the workers of America. For example, the board as always tried to stand up for non-union employees and tries to encourage them to petition their employers for redress and to not fear reprisal.

The Board’s Future Plans and Speculations about Them

The NLRB states how they are not finished working to make America better in terms of employees, employers, and etc. However, there are already some speculations about the board and what exact projects the board might be starting up on. For example, the board might be adding more tools for non-union employees to use during investigatory interviews, like witnesses, they also are contemplating the eligibility of assistants to be employees for bargaining, and lastly, they are also combating the idea of binding of successor employers in terms of their bargaining obligations after a union employer has been purchased.


The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s Help With The NLRB

Fortunately, the Supreme Court has always stepped in to help the NLRB and consider a case that deals with the obligations of non-union employees in the public sector. This is being done in order to make an obligatory fair share contribution to unions even when certain employees don’t take interest in belonging to a specific union. This will allow more freedom among employees and employers.

The Union Movement’s Progress

Although the NLRB and the White House have constantly assisted the union movement for several years with tremendous efforts, the movement has still been struggling to expand and better the workforce in America. Many workers continue to grow impatient and wonder when the American workforce will become a better and more efficient system. They are all starting to think of the union movement as one they cannot trust and follow. However, the movement is just slowly taking its time to build up and better America, as the NLRB plans to help the movement even more by providing more responsive and active management to it.

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Union Movement

The Result of the Union Movement

Even though the union movement has not been benefiting the American workforce, employers should still listen to their employees and what they have to say and vice versa. The NLRB has promised much improvement to the union movement, many companies have just forgotten about them and are now just moving on in their everyday lives. The most apparent reason that the union movement has been unsuccessful is because they have failed to organize and manage the different facets of the American workforce.

Consequences and Conclusion

Overall, the NLRB has decided to still try hard to better the union movement for the American workforce. Their next goal now is to prevent the seed of unionization from happening in workplaces in order to become more responsive to employees and employers and their concerns. Therefore, American workers should still keep their eyes open to witness this new goal of the NLRB and see if it will truly come to pass and better the American workforce.


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