The NLRB’s Union Movement on the American Workforce

The NLRB’s Union Movement on the American Workforce

Just recently, President Obama has stated that more employees in America will have access to unions that will raise all forex trading platforms their wages. Of course this has caught many people’s attention, as workers and their wages are involved. This has many people thinking about the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) and what they have planned for the future for middle class Americans.


Workers Union

The Philosophy

For many years, the National Labor Relations Board has always followed the president’s philosophy by constantly striving to revise and go over their decisions when it comes to certain situations. The NLRB has always seen the impediments in today’s American workforce, which is why they are striving to go under Obama’s philosophy of equality and give each American his or her right amount of wages for their work.

First Few Decisions and Steps

The first step the NLRB took was determining a case that involved different industries about their employees and making subcontractors apart of those employees. The main reason the National Labor Relations Board did this was to revitalize the union movement, which they realized to be failing and not providing much progress to America and its workers.

More Decisions and Steps Afterwards

More and more, everyday, the NLRB was beginning to make better decisions. For example, after the situation stated above, the board decided to start allowing micro-units for collective bargaining. This opens the door for different unions to be able to pick large groups consisting of employees from different organizations. After this decision was settled, the board created new board rules, which will mandate rapid elections and sadly, cause the employers to have almost no time to make an actual response to organize a union.


National Labor Relations Board

Benefits of the Board and Effect on America

Many Americans have been closely watching the National Labor Relations Board and their actions and decisions. Most workers are very interested to see how the board will make things better for them at work and how their wages will improve. The board has provided several benefits to the workers of America. For example, the board as always tried to stand up for non-union employees and tries to encourage them to petition their employers for redress and to not fear reprisal.

The Board’s Future Plans and Speculations about Them

The NLRB states how they are not finished working to make America better in terms of employees, employers, and etc. However, there are already some speculations about the board and what exact projects the board might be starting up on. For example, the board might be adding more tools for non-union employees to use during investigatory interviews, like witnesses, they also are contemplating the eligibility of assistants to be employees for bargaining, and lastly, they are also combating the idea of binding of successor employers in terms of their bargaining obligations after a union employer has been purchased.


The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s Help With The NLRB

Fortunately, the Supreme Court has always stepped in to help the NLRB and consider a case that deals with the obligations of non-union employees in the public sector. This is being done in order to make an obligatory fair share contribution to unions even when certain employees don’t take interest in belonging to a specific union. This will allow more freedom among employees and employers.

The Union Movement’s Progress

Although the NLRB and the White House have constantly assisted the union movement for several years with tremendous efforts, the movement has still been struggling to expand and better the workforce in America. Many workers continue to grow impatient and wonder when the American workforce will become a better and more efficient system. They are all starting to think of the union movement as one they cannot trust and follow. However, the movement is just slowly taking its time to build up and better America, as the NLRB plans to help the movement even more by providing more responsive and active management to it.

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Union Movement

The Result of the Union Movement

Even though the union movement has not been benefiting the American workforce, employers should still listen to their employees and what they have to say and vice versa. The NLRB has promised much improvement to the union movement, many companies have just forgotten about them and are now just moving on in their everyday lives. The most apparent reason that the union movement has been unsuccessful is because they have failed to organize and manage the different facets of the American workforce.

Consequences and Conclusion

Overall, the NLRB has decided to still try hard to better the union movement for the American workforce. Their next goal now is to prevent the seed of unionization from happening in workplaces in order to become more responsive to employees and employers and their concerns. Therefore, American workers should still keep their eyes open to witness this new goal of the NLRB and see if it will truly come to pass and better the American workforce.


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Could Wearable Tech Impact Employee Productivity?

Can Wearable Tech Improve Employee Happiness and Productivity?


Wearable technology

Wearable technology


It’s a fact that technology has been evolving at a fast pace ever since the year 2000. By that time even internet was an embryo, and nowadays we can carry devices everywhere and be connected to anyone, no matter how far we might be. Technology is steadily blending with us; this is a fact when we see people wearing devices mixing up the functionality and also a sense of fashion. Carrying these wearable devices still faces some resistance, especially in cases where companies are directed by people that still hold to antique work codes, such as the typical suit and tie and sticking the employees to a desk. Above all, a company should be about profit and to assure the best conditions to its employees, what if the wearable technology guarantees an increase in both happiness and productivity? Maybe that way the barriers would start collapsing.


New gadgets in the workplace

New gadgets in the workplace

Using wearable technology in the workspace

More curious as it might sound, these wearables work better inside a company than outside of it. This happens because they are still very specific, let us consider the example of smartglasses used to take orders and take photos with the extra that the hands are kept free. This is perfect in jobs such as a construction site, using these smartglasses will allow more efficiency and quality of work, to save time for the worker and to guarantee the worker’s safety.

Now let us think regarding smartglasses outside the working environment, why do you need an expensive tool that keeps your hands free while you’re in leisure? They are too specific tool, almost made solely for working environments purpose. This is the point that makes us think that wearables will be considered in the future as something normal, or maybe even a pre requisite for very specific works.




Wearables demand innovation

Sure, these wearables are made to increase the productivity of the worker, such as a simple laptop and tablets, however, there are things needed to comply with to integrate this technology. The majority of these wearables “demand” battery and internet connection, so there will be the need to invest in more energy supply and wifi connection. This is the point in which we have to start thinking what will wearables mean; if more productivity than happiness, or are both compatible?

The fact is; a company is made to have profits, so spending money in more energy supply and wifi is not that attractive and probably will lead to restrictions in its use. It would take a company that has assured a continuous source of profits to keep recharging batteries for all the employees every day, restricting the use to save power would mean unhappiness of the workers at long term, because that’s the effect of repression in the individual’s morale. However, recharging batteries every day might become a higher cost than what it represents in productivity.


privacy vs security

privacy vs security

The eternal “privacy vs security” discussion

It’s not exclusive to wearables, but to all technology that provides some type of external connection. How would companies deal with the bipolarity “privacy vs security”? A company must assure that its own information won’t be leaked outside; however, this means heavier monitoring, something that the workers dislike in the workplace.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that the wearable technology records a lot of personal information, whether it’s the person’s habits, that when recorder, can be considered as the company’s intellectual property. This situation leads to uncomfortable situations, no one likes to have its life monitored to the extreme, especially in the workplace which has already a higher level of stress motivated by the kind of relations established and that demand the less personal involvement possible.


What does it mean

What does it mean


From what was stated in the previous paragraphs we consider that wearables indeed improve the productivity of the worker due to their specificity and the way they are built to fit a working environment. Regarding the happiness of the employee, most likely it would lead to unhappiness, installing these devices to work at a satisfactory rate while being affordable would mean that they would need to have a restricted use and an increase in the investment that would need to be made inside the company to accommodate this technology.

Restrictions lead to the loss of satisfaction, what would mean a bonus would be seen in the worker’s view only as a “tool” to produce more and demand more in the regular working hours, increasing the current workload. The privacy would be another aspect against wearables in the workplace; a company will most likely sacrifice the privacy of the workers in favor of the security data protection, especially when we’re in the era of information, where the loss of it for a direct competitor can be the difference between success and failure. With this being said, we believe that the increase of productivity of the worker would be considered as marginal when comparing with the remaining arguments of wearables for employees.

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Manage Your Staff More Effectively Using These Guidelines

Manage a Challenging Staff at Your Practice Using These Guidelines


Leadership skills

Leadership skills


When it comes to being in a leadership position how you manage your staff is of the utmost importance. Along with the power you also have to remember that the performance of your staff is ultimately your responsibility and a reflection of your leadership skills. This can be a challenge at time when some of your staff is hard to work with or have trouble getting along with their colleagues. The good news is that by following a few simple guidelines you can handle most issues and mold your staff into a team that you can be proud of.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication


Respectful Communication

How you communicate with your staff is a big deal. If you show rudeness or a disregard for them you’ll create disgruntled employees who will likely begin to undermine your goals. To communicate respectfully with your staff, always schedule a one on one meeting with an individual when you need to talk to them about something important or sensitive information. When it comes to criticism always make sure that you combine it with compliments on what they are doing right. Above all else, never undermine your staff by talking down to them either in private or around others.


Strong Management

Strong Management


Balancing Your Management Style

Being too lenient or too forceful with your staff can result in either employees who don’t’ take their job seriously or a high turn-over rate. Finding the right balance will take some time and close monitoring of how your staff responses to your orders. The goal here is to find a management style that encourages everyone to do their best and do a good job for the company without making them feel like they’re walking on eggshells or that their job security is threatened. Also remember that asking for your staff’s input on these issues is a good idea as well.

Staff Optimization

One of the biggest challenges of managing a staff is to optimize their work output without bruising egos or making those with seniority feel insulted. The fact is that some individuals are better at certain tasks than others but aren’t always assigned these tasks due to issues of seniority and whatnot. As a manager it is your duty to put aside such matters and ensure that the best person for the task is preforming it regardless of petty issues as this. If an employee feels as though they’ve been snubbed, take them aside, explain your decision to them, and let them know how they can earn the position they desire.





Delegating and Empowerment

One of the best strategies as manager to getting the most out of your staff consistently is to delegate tasks and empower certain individuals to make decisions autonomously. This tends to have the effect of getting your staff to feel more invested in the business because they are better able to recognize the impact that they are having on it. It also frees up much of your time as you are no longer having to micromanage things such as specific employee tasks.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution

Resolving conflicts between staff members is never a pleasant experience but will always be a necessary one. Just standing back and allowing feuds to build and run their course is a great way to undermine your business and lose good employees. The trick is to catch mounting problems early and help your staff to work them out without playing favorites or taking sides needlessly. Do be aware that in some cases one staff member may be wrong and another may be right and you will need to act accordingly.

Communicating with Your Peers

Being a manager can be a very isolating job as you’ll be a step above your staff in the hierarchy of the business. To combat this issue and the fact that such isolation can begin to skew your decision making skills, make sure that you take the time to associate and interact with other management personable who are on your level. This will give you a lot of insight into different management styles and what tends to work best in various situations. Also don’t be afraid to approach your superior in the hierarchic and talk to him/her about any issues you may be having in regards to managing your staff.


Change the Paradigm

Change the Paradigm

Challenging the Status-Quo

One of the most difficult things to do for any manager is to challenge the status-quo at the work place. This can be particularly abrasive if you are new on the job as many of your staff may think you’re just changing things for the sake of doing so. A good way to combat this is to start with very small changes and gradually work your way up to the point that you are making larger changes to the workplace. This can really help ease long time staff members into new routines and procedures.

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Cost Savings and Mobile Workforces Drive Cloud Usage

Cost Efficiencies and Mobile Enabled Workforces Drive Cloud Technology Adoption

Many businesses today are already taking advantage of cloud-based technology in various ways. In fact, according to a recent report published by KPMG, the expansion of cloud-based technology in the workplace has grown by leaps and bounds in just two years. The report was generated based on a survey of more than 500 business leaders from a wide range of business sectors, including healthcare, retail, financial services and others. There are many benefits associated with the implementation of this technology in the workplace.

Cloud Technology Adoption

Cloud Technology Adoption


Why is There a Shift to Cloud-based Technology?

There are many reasons why businesses today are shifting their technological applications to cloud-based technology. In many cases, there are multiple reasons why businesses start using cloud-based technology rather than just one. According to the recent report published by KPMG, almost half of the businesses surveyed made the shift in an effort to save money on various services that were being used. This was an increase in the number of companies that made the same change just a year before in a previous survey. Some respondents in the survey mentioned that they were completing a widespread change in their technological applications, and the move to cloud-based technology was just one of several changes that were being completed.

Shift to Cloud-based Technology

Shift to Cloud-based Technology


How Cloud-based Technology Enables a Mobile Workforce

Another key reason why businesses are making the shift to cloud-based technology is because this type of technology enables workers to have greater mobility and flexibility. By placing files and entire networks in the cloud, workers can essentially work from any location where they have Internet access. They can utilize mobile devices or can log into work systems using hard-wired Internet connections in other locations. From better servicing customers while on work sites to promoting productivity while workers are away from the office or traveling for business, this type of technology has far-reaching effects and a beneficial impact on businesses.

Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce


The Financial Benefits Associated With Using Cloud-based Technology

Enabling workers to enjoy greater mobility with their work efforts by giving them remote access to the technology they need to complete their tasks can boost productivity considerably. The fact is that increased productivity lends itself to greater cost efficiency. Workers can get more work done in less time, which results in cost savings.

More than that, companies that utilize this type of mobile technology are able to better serve their customers, and increased client and customer satisfaction ratings can lead to improved profits over time. Of those companies that were surveyed, those who work in the retail industry have reported that this type of technology has been instrumental in helping them to improve interactions with customers. It also can promote better efficiency with business partners, vendors and suppliers.

Todays Consumers

Todays Consumers


The Expectations of Today’s Consumers

Many consumers today have enjoyed the benefits of working with companies that utilize cloud-based technology. Some have been waited on in restaurants by venues that use cloud-based systems to take orders and to accept payments right at the table. Others have worked with home service providers who have accepted credit card payments and processed invoices digitally using remote technology right in their homes.

These are only a few of the many ways that cloud-based technology is currently being used in today’s business environment, and the fact is that there are now more applications than ever before. Because of this, many of today’s consumers have higher expectations than their counterparts from just a few years ago. While some have reported being more satisfied with the level and speed of service provided by companies that use this type of technology, the fact is that others have grown to almost expect it. Those companies that have not already embraced this technology may be seen as being passe and outdated now.

Change in Technology

Change in Technology


Why Some Are Timid About Making the Change

While many companies have already made the leap and have started to utilize cloud-based technology in the workplace, other businesses have been less eager to move forward with the implementation of this type of technology. One of the most significant concerns related to cloud-based technology relates to security. In fact, approximately half of those surveyed stated that they were concerned about intellectual property theft, data loss and privacy issues. While this is a high figure, it is significantly lower than the results from just two years ago. Two years ago, 83 percent of respondents said they had these same concerns.

There is a growing trend in most business sectors today to make better use of cloud-based technology. While some are currently in the process of implementing this type of technology, others are making plans to start using this technology in their business activities soon. In addition to the use of today’s current technology, the fact is that mobile or cloud-based technology continues to evolve and to become more beneficial. This means that there is additional benefit to companies that have future plans to embrace technology and to give their workforce access to this type of improved technology.

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